People’s daily food choices have affected and still affecting our planet leaving a significant ecological footprint on it. Pure Food Norway is committed to offering our consumers a range of food products which are advantageous for their well-being and well-being of the world around:

We believe that by applying science and strict ethical principles at any stage of product development, production, and overall management can help us get more from nature without hurting it

We are formulating our products carefully, making them well balanced and nutritious for enhancing customers’ gains

We are selecting only high-quality and sustainable ingredients for our products

We are growing and innovatively processing our bioactive ingredients so that they retain their unique healing properties in our products – in food supplements and meal replacement products

We are striving for high standards in the production, safety and quality of our food relying on norms required by law, regulatory authorities, good business practices and Pure Food Norway’s values

We are producing our food in strict accordance with HACCP principles by using advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies

We are applying the best standards and practices by interacting with our suppliers, employees and customers