Pure Food Estonia OÜ

Pure Food Estonia OÜ is a subsidiary of Pure Food Norway AS (PFN). Pure Food Norway AS (PFN) was established in 2014. By a committed group with long experience from production, trade and nutrition, who wanted to collaborate on new development and production of new, healthy and nutritious foods that are “good for you”.

Pure Food Norway AS is a Norwegian producer of healthy food enriched with bioactive natural ingredients benefiting our consumers in various ways – by protecting and strengthening the body and mind, saving time during busy or lazy days or keeping up with dietary or sports challenges.

We want to offer our consumers healthy, nutritious and high-quality products. Pure Food products could be assured of a high content of nutrients and good taste.

We want to offer healthy, nutritious and safe products to our consumers. Our goal is to make it easier for people to eat healthy and nutritious food that is “good for you”. With products from Pure Food, you can be sure that you get products that have a high natural nutrient content and good taste.

We have high goals and ambitions when it comes to product development. PFN currently conducts extensive product development in collaboration with professional environments in Norway, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. We also have the pleasure of support from the Research Council on several of our development projects. This has resulted in several new products within the category FUTURE FOOD, these are products that have been developed from natural food and produced through a new freeze-drying process in Norway.